Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anti-corrosion metal treatment

BIRCHWOOD Casey Metal Finishes claim to have developed a low temperature, non-polluting black oxide treatment which gives a protective finish to high strength metal bolts and critical fasteners.

The TRU TEMP process forms a non-dimensional, deep black finish which is said to provide long-term corrosion resistance for high tension bolts, nuts and similar fastening devices. It can also prevent galling on critical thread surfaces.

The black magnetite coating is 0.5 microns thick, and does not affect the parts’ hardness or tensile strength.The process developer claims the finish can withstand up to 100 to 200 hours of neutral salt spray, and several hours of humidity. This protection from corrosion allows for parts to be used in storage and shipment in corrosive atmospheres such as ocean shipment.

According to the company, the TRU TEMP solution operates at 93 degrees Celsius, as opposed to 143 degrees. This is safer because it eliminates the risks of splattering and boilover.

It is also not a phosphate process, which can cause steel to become brittle due to extended contact with acidic process baths.

The metal treatment uses mild alkaline chemistry and takes 25 minutes. Small parts can be processed in bulk loads, while largest parts are finished on racks. The process lines can be automated through the use of a computer numerically controlled programmable hoist system.


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